Five Articles That Could Change Your Perception Of The Music Industry


The music industry is booming in the real as well as NFT world. Spirit level features Tim Schielsh interviewing some of the best music people in the world.  The episode is produced in partnership with the city of Melbourne.  “There are plenty of false assumptions about the Australian music industry,” he says. 

Spirit level is one of Melbourne’s best independent record labels that aims to provide just that.  Their new series unpacks some of the music’s mental health crises.  The 9th episode of spirit level’s future of music series is a story about how Genesys Owusu built an international team around. 

George Clanton exploded 100% electronica into a global community of music lovers.  He talks to critics about the price of ambition and the fetishizing of technology.  Critics say piracy is a big part of the problem, but it’s also a problem for artists.

 Two researchers in the UK discuss the music industry struggling to earn its product.  They discuss the fact that artists sometimes face the prospect of becoming solitary.  Cnn’s spirit level talks to two researchers with experience in music careers to dispel some myths. 

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