How Kunal Kapoor’s New Nft Project Is Building A Global Culture And Merch Brand For Web3 Innovators


Actor and entrepreneur Kunal Kapoor is building a robot-themed NFT community.  Love a bot is a platform for innovators builders and gamers on the web3.  A service that allows businesses to send nft products to users in hours, into the lab. 

Kunal web3 technologies give people an opportunity to build communities around decentralized IPS.  He’s an actor and a fan of movies and founded a crowdfunding site.  His goal is to build a platform for people who love technology, then join forces to build the lab brand. 

98876 virtual bots can be captured by participants and then used to become their characters.  Each bot is from a particular generation and has its unique characteristics, like a chef bot or a construction worker bot.  Kunal understands the importance of maintaining his nft project organic, not fake. 

The lab is focusing on being a real believer in the story of its project.  Kunal believes that if Indians are educated on nfts, they will.  There needs to be education and awareness on the transformative potential of blockchain, he says. 

Kunal is a bridge between physical and digital culture.  He also designs digital goods for the metaverse.  We can share ideas, and build a global and decentralized brand.

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