Top 3 Move-To-Earn Crypto Coins Gaining the Most Price


There are more than 12 tokens that can be used for fun activities like walking, dancing, and more.  Three olive x dose 24 is a primary token for the olivex fitness ecosystem, launched in November 2021. 

Olivex has a market cap of $6.85 million PPA.  The price of the token has risen by more than 20% since ApeCoin has announced a partnership. StepN is a web3 lifestyle app with a move-to-earn model where players get rewards. 

 Buy a shoe through the nft marketplace and earn rewards.  The reward is almost twelve sol per write.  It costs around $1200. Dotmoov’s Moov is the best performing move to earn this week and it is gaining 6% since its launch in June.  

The incredible price gain is attributed to its upcoming release of the dance feature for the app on April 29th. Moov allows users to receive rewards, purchase NFTs, and interact with its app. 

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