Sustainable Play-to-earn Model Helps Players Navigate The Rise And Fall Of Gamefi


The world received gamefi in 2021, decentraland sandbox Axie infinity.  It is new levels and games of gameplay.  They could possess real objects, as verified by blockchain.  Many are still wondering if gamefi is more than a marketing gimmick. 

Deraceplay is a horse racing game with a sustainable model to earn and a layer 2 solution to use native tokens.  It is built on sustainable growth and is shaping the future of gamefi. Create2earn allows you to create your ingame NFTs.  

Engage-2-earn enables players to earn nft for participating in an ecosystem.  The model will be released for each individual to continue to grow the game.  As players roll each one out, they will receive new rewards until the full release, October 2022. 

Derace’s core revision, engage-2-earn’s mechanicals, and gameplay expansion race v2 serve as the foundation for layer 2 and it expands the game to new horizons. 

People can create their nfts to breed horses of the first generation.  Player control over the nft horses that come with blockchain backing.  Over the next couple of months, players can expect a few new features introduced to the game.

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