Ways That Hotels Can Make Money from the Metaverse


This is a two-parter with ten ways hotels can get in on the latest tech craze. The metaverse is very much a controversial thing that traditionalists can easily shrug off. We see it as a method for enriching experiences in the real world and elevating brand advocacy. 

The metaverse lets guests get around a brand in more fun, interesting ways. It can even be perverse and tracks it digitally. He would receive a bonus for token gaming. The future will have the ability to restrict access to digital content for non-subscribers.  

You can use tokens to govern the type of access and ownership of an asset. Mr and the metaverse offer some extra perks such as access to content. A bride and groom, who went on the date, would like to go back, but could not do it in real life.  

A blockchain and digital twinning allow for more information on the day. It is possible to catalog them all in the metaverse for future access and the ultimate loyalty goal of having guests leave a property in person but not really. 

If you combine token gaming, ar experiences, and loyalty tiers you have the ingredients of a well-rounded modern rewards program. The larry mogelonsky hotel is owned by mogel consulting limited. 

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