These Retailers And Brands Are Heavily Focused On NFTs Right Now


Starbucks, Selfridges, paco Rabanne, Victor Vasarely, TFT, Dolce & Gabbana. John Sutter: these brands are ahead of the NFT game, putting something in there. Starbucks is going to launch its NFT collections later this year

They will launch a collection of their own. The collection will be available in stores from October to November. Adam Brotman is who designed the mobile ordering and payment system and the Starbucks app. 

He is coming on board as an advisor as he advises the companys strategy. The company says it is looking to expand its concept of the third-place or the place people feel most comfortable.

The first of its kind collaborative web3 project with paco Rabanne and victor NFT visually represents pacos haute couture dresses and Vasarelys art. 12 dazzling NFTs showcase our fashion knowledge and showcase the creativity from the archives in modern grammar. 

Bob Greene: Our responsibility is to cherish and inspire the new generation. He says it is similar to a virtuous circle in which you sell old items to cherish the past.

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