Metahorse: Win a Real Horse and $50000 Worth of Prizes


Metahorse is organizing an online event to celebrate the entry of the metokon in the metaverse. The grand prize for the participants will be a real horse. It is an Anglo-Arabian crossbred which has had a lot of success crossing the top spots. 

Mykonos 50 will be renamed metakono, and become the first real horse to get meta in its name. The new owner receives a meta title and personal NFT to get them into the metaverse. Five lucky people will win an nft horse from the elegant metahorse premium NFT collection

Ten lucky participants will win meta horses in nft will be a useful digital asset. Metahorse is streaming live on the 13th of May 2022 at 12:00 UTC. The live draw is a very transparent way to pick the lucky ones. Holding a single ticket is mandatory. 

A Livestream will be displayed on the metahorse website and all the social media handles. The lucky winners will receive their winnings shortly after they send out their prizes. 

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