Jio Trials Metaverse Experience For Retail With Homegrown 5G Network


Reliance jio is building a digital retail experience by exploiting the metaverse 5G network. 5G opens up new opportunities for eCommerce in the new Delhi. 05G is the best option in this case.  05C is the best option if you are looking for a fast and reliable solution. 

The best options are 05l and 05R. Telecom may be able to bring a metaverse experience to reliance retail. The retail store sells a wide variety of merchandise from foods to clothing to electronic goods. 

Jio has integrated 4g volte with 5G core and will test 5G core. The company wants to bring the technology to emerging markets after 5G auctions. They want to deploy the technology at scale in the country. 

The gog intends to sell more than 100,000 MHz for roughly Rs. 5 Lakh crore in June.  They also want 5G service to commence in June. The service is expected to begin in November.

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