How Will Gamefi And P2E Blockchain Gaming Evolve In 2022?


How far will gamefi and P2E gaming go by 2022? Crypto gaming is very popular in the U.S. And Canada and will continue to grow in popularity in the United States and Canada. More players purchase and trade digital things. 

This is a great way for game developers to make some money. A lot of developers are looking at this as a way to make a little extra cash. Filipino gamers earned their regular monthly salary in 2020 simply by playing the game. 

In a recent publication, Cointelegraph research shows that Filipino gamers earn their regular salary by playing chess. The game earned a regular monthly income in 2020 because of its popularity in the Philippines.

Axie Infinity is a large player in blockchain gaming, which is similar to BTC. The amount was worth more than $612 million at the time of development. It is not a stranger to controversy, as it has the attention of the mainstream public. 

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