You Could Become immortal In The Metaverse With New Live Forever


Immortal Metaverse: Artur Sychovs father was diagnosed with cancer about five years ago. He has limited time since last week. After his death, I wish my children can talk to their grandfather. 

In the live forever mode on somnium space, you can save your actions, and conversations, and play them back into an avatar even after they die. After the death, my children can access the data. 

These opportunities make Sychovs money in metaverse worth it. The same facial movements and speech used in space would be reproducible in science fiction. It is possible to use ai on this data to create a personal avatar in your land or your local network environment. 

Somnium space will begin compiling user movements and sounds on their parcels this year. Bob Greene: the dominance of Facebook in the metaverse is perilous. He says you can not sell peoples data to advertisers, like meta. 

Greene says it is not a great deal of important data like your name is not a lot important. Sychov is trying to become more ethical and make it so that clients feel comfortable providing endless data for analysis. The company claims they will keep prices low omnium space has given early adopters $50 a year.

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