GameFi 2.0: ArchLoot Promises Great Playability

gamefi just launched the UGC P2E gamefi project with upgradeable characters and props in Singapore on May 24th, 2022. Archlot has a proven model of p2e earning. Web3 was intended to be fun and money-making for gamers. 

Archlord uses an integrated approach and single NFTs do not form whole avatars. A game can customize torsos, heads, limbs, and accessories from hundreds of choices. The rarer the part, the more special the attributes are. 

ArkLOOT is an RPG-style game without all the static, mechanical feeling that plagues other P2E games. It features more obviance in avatar design, level-up method, and multiplayer socialization.  

The game is at an early level and once you reach Lvl you get the most out of it. Different game modes, such as PVE, PVP, and Clan Wars, offer challenging gameplay. You can collect gold tokens, redeemed for quest ticket opportunities.  

The relationship with Tokenomics is expected to continue. Archloot promises great playability.  The company is currently operating across continents and gathering talent from the worlds leading gaming publisher. It is a good game with many features that make it a great game.

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