Metamask x Asset Reality Partner To Help Victims Of Scams Recover Funds


MetaMask is one of the leading wallets that provide self custody in the digital and NFT space. It is constantly improving security, user education, and finding new ways to protect users. Asset Reality will handle cases for MetaMask. 

The tool is free unless you have to take legal action. Victims will have to cover the cost if it makes the most economic sense. The metamask support team will converse with the users and identify how they got injured. 

It is a good first step if someone loses money or compromises their account. If they get together, they will get a more effective response to cryptocurrency asset recovery cases. Users can open a case with Asset Realty, using MetaMask.

Asset Reality will take over the communication with the users, from there. They will be able to provide users with a notice in advance of how things are going. David Finlay is co-founder of Metamask and he urges all victims to come forward.  

Everything can reveal, or be the start of a wider investigation, he says. Aidan Larkin, Asset Realitys co-founder, and CEO is proud to partner with ConsenSys.

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