Award-Winning Crypto Game, Stonk League Introduces GameFi Player Rankings


The automated crypto index and aFantasy gamefi are growing in popularity. The performance ranking generators help financial advisors build a trustworthy reputation. More and more investors are searching for financial influencers on social media. 

Until now, there was no way to measure the performance of this community. We have been lacking an information station such as morningstar for gaming. You can play fantasy games with friends and compete for rewards in crypto. 

Players can build a reputation on crypto fantasy games the app monitors the play and ranks players.  Players will follow them, recommend them to their peers, and pay for their advice if they build credibility.  

An authentic reputation in the stonk league can open the door to a multitude of exciting opportunities. Stonkleague is a trading metaverse located in the ancient world.  Players are financiers of conquests for their faction of choice. 

Gameplay can cut down on two of the biggest barriers to defi – complexity and trading risk. You can join the discord competitions to try out the great stonk league game and win $AEGIS tokens. A public sale will be coming up soon.

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