Using Footprint Dashboards to Analyze GameFi Projects


Over 3000 gamefi projects have been launched across 114 chains since 2019. Some games have a lot of the same features and some reworks add new ways to them. Footprint analytics enables you to analyze protocols, ecosystems, and projects. 

Footprint analytics allows you to view more than 6000 dashboards per day.  they are stable for future growth and lower for market cap and television market ratio. It could be a rug pull or hack, but you don’t want to see Footprint analytics. 

Crazy Defense Heroes has been around for a while. You can bet that you will continue to make money from the game for a specific period to pay off. Take time to think of the chain the game is built upon. 

Gamefi on expensive slow chain projects such as Cronos will probably have scaling issues. Ethereum GameFi is also a project that has trouble getting into top games. NFT Worlds is something you should consider with regard to the future scaleability of the project. 

Footprint analytics is an all-in-one analysis platform that helps visualize and find insights from blockchain data. There are more than 1000 dashboard templates that allow users to quickly create their own charts. Footprint Analytics offers its opinion and is not considered financial advice.

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