Taobao Launches Metaverse Mall in Time for Chinas 618 Shopping Festival


Aobaos latest venture in the metaverse is a fully immersive virtual mall. The 618 Shopping Festival will be the first in a three-day period. It will be a full-fledged virtual mall in the US. shoppers can act as avatars, walk-in 3D stores, and perform interactive things. 

The scenario is supposed to be a chance to experience the immersive shopping scenarios of Web 3D. The Jing Take is one of many big names in the world making money with virtual commerce.  

Before the metaverse, fashion brands such as hogan, dolce Gabbanas, and high-end retailers made money. TAOBAO has always been loud in the metaverse. They recently introduced the VR Shopping Buy+ program. 

The Taobao Life virtual avatars are now available on This full-immersive metaverse mall aims to ensure that consumers tridimensional shopping needs are met. The absence of external devices such as virtual reality headsets and such.

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