Facebook Parent Meta to Change Stock Ticker Symbol to META on June 9


Facebook’s meta platform will be trading on the Nasdaq on June 9. The stock will be replaced by FB stock. Facebook changed its name to Meta and is building the metaverse. 

Metaverse is a virtual world where people work Facebook when announcing that it would start trading under the new stock ticker MVRS and then later said it would delay it until the first quarter. 

Meta took over ownership of its Roundhill Ball ETF in January. The social networking giant is facing a difficult time. This change will come at a time when it will be difficult for the social network giant to adapt to a new era of social media.

The company reported terrible fourth-quarter earnings and a decreased daily user in February. The company also reported an awful fourth quarter in January. 

A decrease in daily users in February was also a factor. social media relies heavily on the likes of Facebook and Twitter.  John Sutter: illustrates how heavily it relies on social media.  social media can be a powerful tool for a business to grow, he says.


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