Game Over: Ethereum GameFi Activity Collapses By 96%


A new weekly report from arcane research shows that the first two quarters of the year were a reality check and followed by a boom. Active users for top Ethereum-related blockchain games axis Infinity, The Sandbox, Decentraland, and Gamefi cannot match the current state. 

The arcane team concludes the market needs to look at cost of entry, inflation, and incentives. The team also sees a difficult balance between costs of entry and inflation. Xie Infinity’s SLP has come back after a boom last year and early in this year.  

NFT still sees Ethereum as the market leader despite the aggressive gas fees. Most gamers surveyed by NRG believe playing to earn is beneficial and can positively influence the gaming industry as a whole. Aaron Carroll: composing a video game requires considerable labor and physical labor.  

He says not all XYZ models will survive, but there are plenty of other reasons to remain optimistic. Carsroll: some of the biggest games on the blockchain have been very successful recently. 

In the short term, larger market waves will undoubtedly affect individual game economies. Some of what we will likely determine is “logical” in PYou might be interested in reading What Cardano Hoskinson Said About Terra, In The End, Slow Wins.

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