NFTs, A Technology To Bridge A Gap In The Art World


Calleja focuses on animations’ NFTs, which help her see movement, as a part of his art practice. He says he has been showing his works in physical galleries for as long as he can remember. His first NFT is expected to be released in 2021. Calleja says he is just having fun posting animations online until he meets a Tez. 

He says using NFTs was a great way to market and monetize his work. “We live in an age of the internet. Tezos is an energy-efficient alternative to the better-known blockchain networks, Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

The lower minting cost and a smaller carbon footprint make it different from others. TZ APAC is growing by over 60% in the last month. NFT art has a great new attribute, says Calleja. There are more platforms focused on this art form, he says.

 NFT artists are only a matter of time before they find homes on the market. Southeast Asia was digitalized during ‘pandemic time’ with very fast digitalization for TZ APAC. The platform tezos also solves the problem of high minting costs.

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