What is an NFT: Everything You Need To Know


An NFT is simply a record of someone possessing a specific asset. They can serve as contracts, tickets for events, and memberships in clubs. It is not uncommon for NFTs to run to six figures. 

People spent around £15 billion buying and selling these things last year. A thing that is owned is almost as secondary as a ‘secondary’ thing. People aren’t that kind of being ahead of themselves. 

David Rothkopf: why do they matter again? He says people are bullish on NFTs, but others think they will accelerate the societal collapse. Rare Pepes was born years before the NFT boom and are one of just a few blockchain-based collectibles. 

The meme that was created on the bitcoin blockchain in 2016 was created to satisfy the nerds interested in digital art. One of the creators of Cryptoketties established a standard for ERC 721. Fans and collectors probably just speak a language.  

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