About Manny Pacquiao’s New Pacman NFT Collection


New Pacman NFT Collection: Pacman died while accidentally being run over by a dog. He was one of the most stalwart and well-loved members of TeamPaquiao’s new collection. Onix said he stumbled on the idea of immortalizing Pacman during a chat in a cafe. 

LZ Granderson: I am merely casually introducing him to the concept of the Blockchain and all the wonderful things it can bring. He says Onix recalled the senator stumbling. the collection contains 9,999 unique pieces of art, all generated from 200 NFT. 

It is recommended that you go to this page and search for videos. They arise in three tiers, whether they are robots or aliens. The website said that the first boxers will be the rarest in the collection.  

Only 99 of these Tier One Boxers will get minted. There will be plenty of events for people on other levels such as autographed merchandise. The minting of NFTs is for July 15 after some community development, whitelisting, presales, and public sales. 

They will also create a Pacman boxing league and a blockchain game with these NFTs. The players have to challenge other fighters to earn crypto rewards.

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