Is Avalanche (AVAX) Truly Ready to Own Games on Its Platform


The best game developers get web 2 in avalanche subnets from AvaX.  John Sutter: it is apparent that each large blockchain network is making a significant contribution to the blockchain network. 

The best games have the best developers and the best user experience, he says. Newer games are released frequently for GamingFi and gaming projects. It appears Avax is the chain used for gaming and P2E. 

The chain is designed from the ground up to be fast, scalable, and easy to use. 80% of the time, Avalanche is safer and has thousands of validators. It is more secure than most chains today.  I’m going to discuss the custom mini blockchains, subnets, and more of that later. 

Avax for gameFi is a three-pronged package, including the P Channel for validators and subnets. The package gives blockchain games the highest chance of flourishing. Sense gameFi on Avalanche gives games the usual entertainment and all the benefits of P2E. 

Avex lets you create your own localized chains that work independently from others. At IPC, we invested a little bit in gaming, admittedly this is new content. We are looking forward to playing exciting games with stories and appeal to non-crypto native users.

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