Strategies For The Ecommerce Metaverse


Research shows that IDC’s retail spending on AI & metaverse is expected to grow by over 25% and AR/VR will be 77% compound annual growth. There are many good things available in the metaverse such as AI, AR, VR, NFTs, bots, and others. 

Approximately $1.8 billion in retail dollars and advertising budgets are devoted to VR. Over half of AR VR spending are in the customer area. Research shows even basic AI, AR, and VR can significantly build client commitment. 

Aaron Carroll: 60% of people need to envision how it fits into their lives. He says a few similar applications measure encounters and try to virtualize them. Carsroll: we love new experiences.  new ones that move us and that work. 

Research shows that deploying even simple AI, AR or VR can substantially grow customer engagement and conversion. These technologies also reduce the staggering $428 billion in product returns annually. 

In addition to their immediate benefits, these foundational technologies serve as a great stepping stone to the inevitable popularity of the metaverse — but only if you can properly tune them to capitalize on fundamental human behaviors. 

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