New NFT Collection Developed To Eradicate Fur Fashion Using The Metaverse UNFUR


Announced at MET AMS, Europe’s leading NFT-Metaverse festival, the Unfur campaign features a digital fur fashion collection including five fashion pieces that were digitized as NFTs by Mobiquity and Hexaware.

Designed by students from the University of Westminster’s Fashion Institute, the campaign starts a conversation about how the Metaverse is revolutionizing the fashion industry and can be used as a force for positive change.

The development of a digital fur fashion collection houses no physical limitation of fabric such as gravity, and weight. In this case, the use of fur is scarce and not acceptable to wear in the physical world. This in turn makes digital platforms such as the Metaverse and NFTs far more sustainable. It is an ethical way for people to appreciate fashion.

All five digital fashion NFTs are now auctioned through on the sustainable blockchain. All proceeds from the sale and resale of NFTs are donated to the International Anti-Fur Coalition Against the Fur Trade. The auction closes on July 26, 2022.

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