Terra’s Derby Stars Moves to Polygon; Leverages Robust GameFi Ecosystem


Derby Stars, an AAA play-to-earn horse race gamefi project, has moved to the Polygon Network. Derby Stars is one of the most important gaming projects in the now-defunct Terra. It has raised $ 6 million in the opening round this year. Also, its 10,000 Origin horse NFT was sold within minutes after three rounds of the public presale.

The game project is known for its high-quality graphics, recently released video trailer, and expected white paper release. Following the collapse of Terra, the Derby Stars team received migration proposals from more than 10 blockchain foundations, including Polygon. The blockchain industry believes that Derby Stars is the next generation of P2E after a successful migration.

Ryan Wyatt, CEO of Polygon Studios, said: “Polygon remains a leader in Gaming on the Web 3. The Derby Star migration illustrates our commitment to helping the Terra community and continuing our mission to create a global gaming ecosystem that needs to be built.

The team behind Derby Stars is preparing to coordinate the NFT migration to Polygon. Following the migration, Derby Stars will continue with the token generation action as planned to mobilize the virtual economy and launch Alpha, which will serve as their NFT.

Importantly, Derby Stars will receive support from Polygon Studio, including technical, PR, and marketing support. The Derby Stars team is excited to be able to enter the broad blockchain ecosystem and collaborate on several Polygon projects.

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