NFTs Are Being Used As A Marketing Tactic, And This M’sian Creative Agency Is All For It


The new ice cream shop is in the pyramid and is similar to an NFT museum. Market tactic and creative marketing agency Jumix is leading the way for what nfts can dobeutopia is its own NFT project. 

They are based on marioshka dolls and aspire to express themselves. 10,000 BEU collectibles were made available, and can be minted using beu’s network and via polygon’s blockchain. If it sells out 100% they will make a game for the owners of the company. 

100 collectible non-fungible tokens can be viewed and purchased on NFT PangolHalf of the proceeds go to arts and culture nonprofits. Green activists mention how much electricity it takes to mint one NFT. Ethereum produces electricity at around 84 kWh. 

There are efforts being made by relevant stakeholders to reduce the technology’s environmental impact. A new approach should be to improve blockchain mining, transactions, and efficiency. It must also incorporate new, innovative solutions or create more energy-efficient blockchain platforms.

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