Inke Changed Its Name Into Inkeverse, to Comprehensively


A metaverse function allows for immersive KTV viewing, panoramic karaoke, transverse and more. It is aimed at Gen Z people in Europe and America. Inke put forward the all-scenario strategy in 2020. 

It hopes to integrate social contact and entertainment scenes. Feng Yousheng said that metaverse needs to be viewed in the long run. Perhaps 10 years, 20 years, or 30 years. Inkeverse is going to keep moving in the direction of the metaverse and realize iteration in a constant manner. 

Inke had product matrixes during the web 2.0 era and our team has accumulated a rich experience. Inkeverse is still endeavoring to become the hottest new social platform for any scenario. Each user has individual needs.  

Huang Qin, who is the eChair Editor of the Inkeverse Group, also interpreted the brand in a completely new way. The letters above can also be treated as two people in cooperation. They represent the term digital twin in the metaverse. ‘See the Future is the new Inkeverse slogan. It’s the idea of no limits and the pursuit of all things.

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