HyperNation to Launch GameFi in Europe


HyperNation is preparing for the launch of its Highend GameFi in Europe. The gamefi should run parallel to the virtual nation and have perfect compatibility. HyperNation started on May 23 and is already going strong with members across the globe. People can be anywhere in the world and anywhere in a blink of an eye. 

HyperNationis a virtual world that runs parallel to the real world. People can expect big changes in their lifestyle. HyperNationis a freeware application that lets you store and store data on your computer. 

You can carry an entire supermarket full of items easily as long as they do not run out of memory space. It takes a lot of money to remodel a real house. In a few seconds, an individual may reach point A to point B by using an NFT device.  

A bridge between the international communities is called The Metaverse. HyperNation helps service seekers discover providers, regardless of where they live. Money that people earn is placed into crypto wallets that do not need the input of the central government. The company’s founder: “it’s hyper-interactive and 3D. There is no taxation whatsoever.

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