Cape Town Launches into Metaverse via Roblox Campaign


Oursgro is one of the first tourism, trade, and investment promotion agencies in the world to have a virtual presence on metaverse via Roblox. There seem to be 54 active users on the popular game platform. 

Wesgro claims it chose Roblox, leveraging the proven influence of youth when it comes to family holidays. A study finds that 87% of parents give children a voice in family vacation planning. One-third of millennial parents give their kids full control over final holiday decisions.  

Millennials born after 2010 are fully digital natives and tech-savvy from a young age. Wesgro, an innovative digital platform, is committed to engaging and inspiring this region. 

Wesgro’s marketing and communications officer said education and gaming are more entangled now than ever before. We desire the Metaverse to be a 3D online learning environment for a large audience. The team is already working on the western Cape. 

The developers have worked closely with a well-known local botanist to ensure scientific and factual accuracy. The game is coming to the united states later in the year. Wesgro is testing it, relying on tech geeks like Kairo Forbes, one million youth followers, and Grant Hinds.

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