From Model To Cyborg, Bella Hadid Is Entering The Metaverse With NFTs


The supermodel is dropping 11,111 tokens in ten different cities of the world. Tokyo is the first stop. The CY-B3LLA, in Bella Hadid’s new kind of NFT collection. The game was created when the pandemic hit, and inspired her to explore her life online. 

She noticed the transformations into NFT and the participation of other creatives. Each drop associated with a global city brings exactly 1,111. The first nonfungible token announced by the supermodel is strikingly realistic. 

Her body is tied up like a cord, and her beauty looks like an homage. The star model is on a mission to create a community based on love and compassion. The supermodel is a strong believer in allowing us to build a meta community. 

She plans to develop new ways to connect with her community and enrich her interactions. The model plans to share her experiences with fans on the metaverse. 

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