Yuga Labs Vs. Ryder Ripps: Decoding The Impact Of The Lawsuit On The Performance Of The “APES”


Ryder Ripps says he is fooling buyers with fake NFT to try and make money. Yuga Labs has filed a lawsuit against the co-founder of the bored APE yacht club. Gordon goner: the support of our community today has been overwhelming. 

He says we’re going to keep the truth honest with the community and fight these lies. The support is overwhelming, he writes, and we want to stop the continued infringement. Ripps claims the BAYC logo is radically similar to the Nazi Totenkopf emblem.

There has been a revival in the NFT market following the latest signs of recovery. The collection is growing rapidly, fearing a big storm. It should be great news for the Bay Area community as a positive response. 

Sales had risen to 1 for the bay area on 25 June. In second place on the daily NFT sales volume chart, the BAYC collection lacks any ground in legal limbo. The community is behind them, which is a positive thing for goers and his team.

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