What Is Play-and-Earn by BeaRex and Why It Is Revolutionary for GameFi?


Bearex brings the gamefi fan into a new era. Play them and earn it. This method reflects the needs of everyone in the blockchain gaming ecosystem. Simple rules and the ability to play on mobile devices are the keys to the success of the most popular games in the world. 

Gamers can earn real money by playing the gameplay and earning. The biggest obstacle is the cost of entry. Many of the players coming to play to earn are from poor countries. It is important for all gamers because ordinary people have access to money from playing games. 

The free version of bearex play and earn was made better and optimized for gamefi users. The game allows gamers to earn money while enjoying free play and learning. Investors want to become involved with the game, but frequently have no time to play. 

Players have the opposite problem: rarely do I have the money to buy expensive NFTs. There are four game modes and it is completely free. You can play and train the game from your phone. 

The more skill a player has, the better job they can do and the more money they can make. The first episode of an animated series inspired by the game is already in production. The second full season will air in 2023. Bear adventures was the first feature in a series featuring the first NFT.

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