Content Creators Will Be Able To Display Their NFT Works in Facebook


Navdeep Singh, technical program manager on Meta, showed a glimpse of the new NFT PFP on Facebook on June 29th. PFP is an acronym that is thrown around in NFT. Either picture for proof or profile picture. 

Facebook is digging its toes into the web 3. It will take time to get full integration, a spokesman says. Only a few content creators in the US. will be able to use it. Meta is working on NFT in other social media channels as well. 

The company said they would be doing more NFT compatibility tests on Instagram. Meta is developing support for NFTs running on Ethereum and Polygon. Meta and Zuckerberg bet on NFTs even against the bear market, Cryptopotato reports.  

Spark AR AR aimed to be the first to bring art to physical space. There will be no charge for content creators to upload their NFT on Facebook. Meta is all about the future of social networking and the metaverse. He believes that nonfungible tokens are the best way to reach that goal. NFTs have multiple uses and a large utilization.

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