SuperWorld: Understanding Virtual Real Estate And ‘Live-To-Earn’


Hrish Lotlikar is the co-founder and CEO of super world. He describes how an alternative can sell trade in virtual plots of land as NFT. Lots of people are excited and invigorated by the opportunity to create, discover, and monetize anything in the real world.

 Live to earn in the super world is a virtual reality and augmented reality world digitally mapped over the earth. When you buy an nft, you get access to luxury clubs in new york and Miami. Lotlikar: virtual properties are quite important today. 

People are becoming more digitally connected, he says. Virtual properties have become a way of life for many people. He adds that virtual properties can be a great way to make money. Lotlikar believes that the recording was remotely recorded in June 2022.  

“Instead of selling luxury lifetime memberships in the normal way, they sell it as an NFT, and buyers can resell this digital asset. The club gets money every time that’s resold so they created a new business model for themselves,” Mr. Lotlikar said.

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