Indian Used Cars Start-up Launches Auto Showroom In Metaverse


CarzSo is an Indian company focused on developing virtual reality for the automotive sector. The company has created India’s first Metaverse Used Car Store. Metaverse allows you to purchase older cars. 

Carz offers a wide variety of brands and models. Customers can search by model, price range, body type, etc. We want to be the first to succeed with retail vehicle sales into hyperspace. NFT land is available for a metaverse focused on the automotive industry as well. 

Online games are the main focus now, says Sharma, another vehicle technology company. There is zero presence to ease the purchase and sale of automobiles. Create a virtual presence using VR and a virtual showroom. 

The new technology lets customers buy automobiles without leaving their homes. Metaverse was India’s first virtual reality and virtual showroom-based car technology firm and it needed to be implemented quickly. We are the only company in the world that is interested in NFTs, and meta land for players in the US.

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