Meta Tests New Option to Create Avatar-Aligned Cover Images for Your Facebook Profile


Avatars are the new ‘fetch,’ with Meta trying many ways to show you just how cool avatars are and will be in the metaverse future. Meta is creating new avatars for their Facebook profile. 

The covers have new graphic images that you can overlay on the scenes. You can put fake characters in places you have never been before. There is nothing more than being a representation of yourself. 

Facebook’s avatar can help you put your avatar to use in the real world. The latest 3D avatars are now available on will Meta. With your avatar, you are likely to be doing anything in the future. 

You can also get avatar clothes and digital fashion add-ons for your 3D character. In the end, you could sell your VR creations with an image. I don’t know if you’ll be able to sell your 3d creations. 

Mother wants you to see how fantastic your virtual self is; maybe some people will enjoy this. 

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