Ajaypal Pama: BSV Attracts New Users To Blockchain Gaming


Gamefi is a digital currency with three tiers, and players can play with a token anytime. Ajaypal noticed that rewards decrease with other blockchain games as more players join. 

PIKA, METRA, and Ki will be rare commodities in a deflationary economy. Gamefi’s blockchain games are built on Ethereum, but Ethereum’s gas fees are too high. BSV is solving the entry barrier for crypto traders, which is why we’re promoting them. 

Ajaypal is looking for a feature that will allow users access to BSV. Initially trading stocks and forex, artist Ajaypal switched to digital currency trading and made his first investment with the Pikachu coin. He Hevinced the original developers to trust him and his team in creating a new project. 

With Ethereum, gamers must pay $10 in gas fees to get $5 in rewards. Ajaypal is confident that the coin will rise above its previous $100 million market cap.  “we are still here, we are developing, but you know,” he says. 

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