Dubai Police to Rollout 2nd NFT Collection During GITEX 2022


22.91 million people around the globe registered their interest in getting Dubai Police’s first collection of NFTs. The department of artificial intelligence distributed them. The camera footage was incredible, and they won 150 digital assets for free. 

I am very much a fan of Briggs, who is a big fan of his work. The first edition of the detective newspaper of Maharashtra aired on November 30, 1988. Dubai Police is the first government agency in the UAE to put its digital assets online.

It is also the first police organization in the world to do so. The collection features 150 free digital assets symbolizing the Force’s innovation, security, and communication values. 

In 2002, Dubakar police made announcements in local and state languages for the most popular countries. The total number of comments on the Dubai Police announcement launching the first digital assets reached 4,017 comments (1,674 on Twitter, 59 on Facebook, and 2284 on Instagram. 

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