Coca-Cola Brings Dreams To Life With New Packaging And Flavour


Metaverse Updates: The fourth and final fantasy flavor of Coca-Cola Dreamworld is available in North America. It is a fusion of the technicolor tastes and surrealism of the subset with the challenge to savour the magic of everyday moments and dreams with open eyes.

Coca-cola has unveiled an immersive digital campaign to tap into Dreamworld. You can scan anything on a mobile device and in the Coca-Cola Creations Hub. The song Dreamworld was written by Coca-Cola and featured Jennifer Marshmellow. 

It’s a homage to Martello in full black and white and splashed Coca-Cola. Dreamworld is like Coca-Cola creations before it. Plays with unpredictability will lead to a debate among consumers. ‘Dreamworld’ is like ‘coca-cola’ creations. 

Dreamworld audience prefers to look at the infinite possibilities of the mind. They find relevant and meaningful content and collaborations with their friends and family.  CNN’s Eric Liu outlined the idea of escapism and social media.

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