Dogeliens is Diving Straight Into The Metaverse and GameFi Market!


Gamefi Updates: Dogeliens (DOGET) is a meme token that aims to join the dog-token family and become the puppet master. The metaverse is going to take over and Google Images will bring in a few information products. 

3% of every dollar spent in Dogeliens will go to the charity wallet. They also plan to launch a free academy to educate new users in crypto, called the Dogeliens Academy. On the planet of Puptopia, users either team up in a ‘Pup-Litter’ or fly solo and battle their Dogeliens against each other. 

If you have a dog lover, you can get non-leash rations and mint them. NFTs can be used in multiplayer games. Fruit and flowers are inexpensive, you can get them roasted, and use them as treats. 

Dogeliens want to develop a community that is both physical and virtual. It is happy, fun, and inclusive. Dogeliens is an excellent ecosystem. It has many activities to participate in and a lot of interesting learning opportunities.  

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