Meta’s Metaverse Turned Into Laughing Stock, Gets Savagely


Bob Greene: the Metaverse, VR, and $18 billion a month are not as good. He says you should not mock or ridicule it; it made an impressive $8 billion on TV. Greene thinks you shouldn’t mock it; you should mock it if you can’t make it work. 

Mark Zuckerberg is a weird person with a strange outlook, but it can be reversed by how people dismiss it. Meta’s new Horizon Worlds looks like it is getting huge. The image speaks for itself and reminds me of those fake DS game covers back in the mid-2000s. 

Meta has used its Facebook billions to fund the first Metaverse platform. Fortnite is running laps around Horizon Worlds, rocking at the pop radio station. It sounds like Meta is marching to the beat of its drum and wants to pioneer web3 only. Control is a consumer, entertainment, and enterprise platform. 

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