Crypto Juggernaut Founder Labels Meta And Microsoft As ‘Digital Dictatorships’


NFT updates: ICO has lost more than $2 trillion since November last year. Several investors and traders opted to remain in the backseat. The chairman of the social media gaming and gaming industry, Yat Sui, built a portfolio of 340 companies. 

The co-founder of the crypto behemoth has been outraged because prominent tech critics are always afraid to use power Web3’s basic premise is that a decentralized internet world can take away control from Web2’s tech monopolies, such as Meta, Microsoft, Apple, and Google. 

The game economy has grown because of digital collectibles. Animoca Brands is concentrating more on blockchain companies. Last year they sold $300 million in NFT and crypto coins. 

Yuga labs are the creator of the bored ape yacht club. The company’s retail prices peaked at $6 billion in July. Crypto’s total market cap at $102 trillion. If you are a crypto enthusiast, you may not be alone.

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