NFTs: Optimism Around Non-Fungible Tokens Slides 14 Percent Amid Crypto Meltdown


New Delhi: NFT sentiment fell 14 percent in June Q2. It is because of the alcoholic drink CocaCola is drunk with. The opinion is changing in the second quarter of 2022. Q2 has been 30 percent up since the last football player had the keys in early June. 

Companies such as Concentrix Corp, BlackBerry Corp., NVIDIA Corp., and others discussed the depressed crypto market. Coinbase’s volatile crypto prices affect its transaction revenues. NFT was well positioned, so plenty of information was available, particularly about investment.

The technology sector alone accounted for 53 percent of the mentions. In the banking and payment sector, 18 percent of mentions Chourasia noted that NFTs are focused on more than money. 

Crypto and NFT are unregulated and quite risky. There is no regulatory remedy for any loss from such transactions. It is not a legal tender and could become a deception to the market.  

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