Inherent Risks In Crypto Space: GameFi Rug Pull And Accidently Closed Exchange


GameFi developer breaks up with Solana id. He’s been playing up investors, but he doesn’t know how to do that. In 24 hours, he ruminates about everything happening in the cryptocurrency world. 

According to statistics from CoinGecko, the value of the game’s token, HeroCat Token (HCT), has decreased by more than 99.9% in the previous week. He made big sales and has a lot of talent. The Solana-based company Defi closed its doors, but a video project was created. 

Last week, OptiFi said they had run out of money for the decentralized options exchange. A total of 661K USDC is locked in the PDAs. 95% of the fund is from our team members. 

OptiFi moved more than SOL 17,2 (USD 558) tokens to it. To recoup these assets, the group tried to terminate the OptiFi program. The plan was successful, but the program was shut down permanently instead of temporarily.

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