Wemade Donates KRW 1B Worth of WEMIX Tokens to Seoul National University


Metaverse Updates: Wemade signed a partnership with Seoul National University (SNU) on September 5 to donate WEMIX for educational funding. Donating equivalent to 1 billion won to fund BU student and graduate in starting a business. 

Chancellor and Company Chief Henry Chang produced the first solo national up. (Henry Chang is the founder of Shanghai University Alumni). Wemade is a global company with strong core values such as growth, responsibility, achievement, and culture.

Henry Chang is a communicator and a great listener. Students are more prepared for this new endeavor, and those things give them a natural gift. It will inspire kids to be global leaders, says Nicolaus mills. 

Mills: I hope that SNU receives this donation. Wemade has been making donations to schools since January this year. It will continue to grow the blockchain, metaverse, and tech research. 

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