Why Snapchat Isn’t Jumping on the ‘Metaverse’ Bandwagon?


Metaverse Updates: Snap is in the avant-garde of AR, where digital objects are superimposed on the physical world. The company has also been working with developers to build immersive experiences with its AR glasses, Spectacles. 

Snap is a massive fan of shrinking its advertising, which led it to cut over 20% of its staff last week. Snapchat is not too worried about how much they spend on AR.  

Spiegel said that I couldn’t tell you that that is what the future will hold. He might be accurate, but it will be fine if he’s right. He may be wrong, but he will be right if it’s true. 

Bob Greene: our industry spender isn’t always good at achieving a long-term goal. He says he feels for you if you’re a spender who’s not good at long-term goals. Greene says it’s a waste of time and money, but he’s doing a good job.

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