RevoLand Launches the First E-sports GameFi 2.0 in the Industry


Players’ techniques are combined in RevoLand, a multiplayer online battle arena gamefi project based on blockchain technology. In the Esports industry, the company launched the first GameFi 2.0.

In RevoLand, players can participate in multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs) based on blockchain technology. The company has expanded its services with the recent launching of E-Sports in the Game-Fi ecosystem.

The focus of RevoLand was on the functional construction of game diversity. For the first time in GameFi 2.0, RevoLand introduced the e-sports mode.

With RevoLand, players can combine their skills and teamwork to challenge themselves in various game modes. As a ‘social gaming experience’ and valuable model, Revoland combines the advantages of traditional mobile games with a degree of completion and entertainment.

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