Assessing Whether y00ts will be the one to Take Solana NFTs to the Moon


Earlier this week, Delphi Digital revealed that Solana had reached an all-time high. Solana’s tweet reported 344k NFT. An ATH surpassed its previous all-time high set in May. This big surge may be attributable to the y00ts Non-fungible Tokens.

Solana has been making waves in the Non-fungible Token space for quite some time. The Solana blockchain has seen a massive transaction spike after the y00ts NFT mint.

As the successor to the leading collection on Solana – DeGods – the y00ts project is the latest in the NFT line. However, what makes this project unique is the ownership rights that the holders have.

In a traditional Non-fungible Token project, the token holder typically owns the IP. What yOOts is attempting is known as Creative Commons or CCO. It is an alternate method of licensing IP that permits the holder’s assets to be possessed by the public domain.

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