Axie Infinity Exceeds $4 Billion In All-Time Sales, Can Moshnake Be The Next GameFi Hidden Gem?


Gamefi updates: Axie Infinity is changing its basic compensation system by removing the SLP logo from the classic game. Before that, the game fought against each other using small creatures called Axies for SLP medicine to raise other monsters.

However, with the upcoming update, the SLP economy will be changed to match the game’s goal of rewarding players using a game mode called Origin. To achieve this, new NFT runes and charms have been introduced, which aim to expand the range of battles, axie upgrades, and battle rewards.

WEE Axie has two (SLP) and axie Infinity (Axs), which is an essential part of P2E. Although Slap is used for rewards, we are rulers of the city to affect the development of this matter. Interestingly, the AXS token hit £164 per unit, hitting an all-time high four days before Bitcoin (BTC) recorded its level. At the time of writing, the price of the AXS token is around $18, and given the recent announcements from the leaders, it may start to rise at the end of the summer.

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