Armani Beauty Jumps into the Metaverse with Maze-like Fortnite Game


Armani Beauty has entered the metaverse by releasing “Rewrite the Code” in Fortnite, inspired by the new Armani code. Conceived by the British artist Regé-Jean Page, this fragrance by Armani is meant to fulfill the essentials of a modern man.

The players crossed the speed of Labyrinth and Metaves to collect the code of code from hiring Armani’s paper and using the extension to enter the code. Each speed is a mini-sports with water, with a difference from the maximum of Ommacto.

The first race takes place in the middle of the day. The players run on the city roads doing huge climbs and removing the remaining obstacles in their way. Upon reaching the teleportal, players will be transported to a mysterious souk. Here they will need an iris flower to unlock two code numbers.

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