RevoLand Introduces the E-Sports Mode into the GameFi


Gamefi Updates: RevoLand is a crypto platform developed by British company Chain X Game. Recently, the company introduced the new concept of E-Sports mode and game-fi from the crypto industry. RevoLand appears as a multi-blockchain online battle arena.

In a recent expansion, the company is set to launch an E-Sports and GameFi scene. RevoLand is developing an e-sports version of GameFi for the first time, ushering in the GameFi 2.0 era. Revoland, as a Gamifi 2.0 project with a requirement for player skills, allows for more shipping activities.

In Revoland, players take on the role of animal heroes searching for treasure in a mysterious land. Revoland helps its players through game modes to earn money and allows them to improve their game skills, participate in export events, stand out among many players and enjoy great competitions. In addition, Revoland has added a random system to its infrastructure and operations.

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